Great Motivation by DNLtiger

Great Motivation


4 September 2015 at 10:14:27 MDT

As someone who’s trying to make a living, Addy’s worked at a few different restaurants that needed a little extra staff. He got a job recently with a nice little diner but never expected the place would also have a voluptuous purple furred raccoon beauty like Shina on staff. The poor guy needs a longer break so he can get out his frustrations before he rips those pants up.

Another commission from Daigo Daigo’s Art Slave stream. I like Shina. Who doesn’t like Shina? She’s a voluptuous coon gal who’s body and attitude just tempts you so badly. Unfortunately, Daigo had some reservations about Shina in an sexual concept unless he really knows you. I can respect that, so we really only had this pic of Addy and Shina interacting. I still like it just cause I love teasing and tempting. Please Enjoy.

Shina and Art©Daigo Daigo
Adrien Maltoan & Concept©Me