Andria Colbett, M.D. by DNLtiger

Andria Colbett, M.D.


1 September 2015 at 16:37:02 MDT

Warning: This adorable oppai loli is not a licensed physician. Please wait a few decades before requesting a check-up.

A little thing that was sparked by discussions during Nori’s streaming of a commission I requested having numerous oppai loli characters on Inkbunny. Some joke about her, Catherine, Fraise, and Lin-lin being Oppai Loli Rangers and how Annie would be the Kimberly, the girl of the group. So I kind of decided to do some more developing of Annie’s character.

Being very accident prone when she was younger and her breasts were just developing(basically throwing off her balance), Annie would sometimes have a bandaid or bandage from some injury. She would often be given bandaids by her Aunt (Addy’s Mom) who was a nurse. Annie also offered these bandaids to her friends whenever they got hurt. This lead to a rather caring nature and a small dream of her’s to become a doctor or nurse. However, this caring nature has also caused some of her male friends or classmates taking advantage of her kindness and naiveté, saying that the best way to help them heal is to lead them rest their heads on her boobs, which she’s not quite sure is true.

This is actually just the first part of a splash page which may replace this pic later on. Until then, please enjoy the cute hyperness of Annie in doctor garb.

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