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Gemini Souls by DNDigital

Gemini Souls


¤Basic Info¤

»Name: Yuuhi Enma
»Birthdate: March 14th
»Human Name: Yuuhi Kaori
»Gender Type: Shifter (MBFA*)
»Nickname(s): Yuu, The Black Prince
»Orientation: Omnisexual (Submissive)
»Occupation: Crown Prince of the Makai

»Relationship Status: Single Parent (Mother)

*[NOTE] Male Body Female Anatomy


»Outlook: Cautious Realist
»Attitude: Mistrusting, Withdrawn, Defensive
»Nature: Architect, Chameleon, Idealist, Penitent
»Demeanor: Autist, Rebel, Survivor, Traditionalist
»Note(s): (S)he is mistrusting of everyone, it takes time to get close.

»Species: Pureblood Youkai
»Species Type: Kitsune Kemonomimi
»Elemental Status: Void Kitsune, Spirit Flame

»Weapons of Choice: Kitsune Bi, Illusions, Fang & Claw

¤Basic Info¤

»Name: Itsuki Enma
»Birthdate: March 14th
»Human Name: Itsuki Kaori
»Gender Type: Shifter (MBFA*)
»Nickname(s): Itsu, Suki, Kitten
»Orientation: Omnisexual (Submissive)
»Occupation: Onmyou of Hakurei Shrine

»Relationship Status: Single, Sheltered, Protected

*[NOTE] Male Body Female Anatomy


»Outlook: Kind-Hearted Optimist
»Attitude: Serene, Shy, Exciteable
»Nature: Caregiver, Traditionalist, Penitent
»Demeanor: Child, Confidant, Honest Abe, Martyr
»Note(s): (S)he is easily confused, and often times is overwhelmed.

»Species: Pureblood Youkai
»Species Type: Kitsune Kemonomimi
»Elemental Status: Celestial Kitsune, Starlight

»Weapons of Choice: Kitsune Bi, Healing Affinity, Shields

[Medium] Adobe Photoshop CS6
[Time Spent] Approximately 2hr 00min
[References Used] Various Fox Images (Google), Avaro Garay

[NOTE] Insomnia can be a relatively good motivator to do things, when you're too tired to spend a lot of time on something, and too awake to actually sleep, you end up with a lazy sort of setup... this is by far not as good as I would have liked it to be, but it was a relatively quick doodle that helped me to wind down my thoughts.

I'd originally didn't color in Yuuhi's hair due to wanting people to guess which twin was who, but my sleepy brain went 'nopenopenopenopenope' ala beaky buzzard and I ended up coloring Yuuhi's hair in anyway.

My coloring jobs might be better... once I actually have slept and spend more than a couple of hours on a piece... maybe once I steady my hand to make less 'scribble' lines and make these a bit cleaner with longer and less sketchy lines as fengzhou suggests, I'll be comfortable enough to try painting my own.

Submission Information

Visual / Sketch