(Character Portrait) Xiaoyin Huang by DNAngel

(Character Portrait) Xiaoyin Huang


26 January 2014 at 11:51:41 MST

¤Basic Info¤

»Name: Xiaoyin Huang
»Birthdate: January 1st
»Human Name: Xiao
»Gender Type: Male
»Nickname(s): Xiao, Xiaoyin, Bastard
»Orientation: Dominant Bisexual
»Occupation: King of the Yomi

»Relationship Status: Harem (He Keeps Pets)


»Outlook: Obsessive
»Attitude: Manipulative, Prideful, Arrogant
»Nature: Autocrat, Conniver, Fanatic, Gallant
»Demeanor: Idealist, Traditionalist, Monster, Visionary
»Note(s): Xiao is NOT a nice person, his fanatic want to overtake the makai has stemmed and stooped as low as obtaining God Killer weapons, to threaten the heavens with.

»Species: Pureblood Youkai
»Species Type: Shapeshifter, Changeling
»Elemental Status: Darkness, Void, Spirit

»Weapons of Choice: Godkiller, Chinese Sword, Baoding Balls

Xiaoyin Huang is a deviant beast whom has spent his life trying to gain the attentions (and affections) of Ashura Enma through any means possible, when Ashura took it upon himself to leave the Makai in favor of living among the mortals of Gekai, Xiaoyin was furious and showed his displeasure in the most despicable way possible. He manipulated his way into the Court of the Makai King, Enma, and became both advisor and chancellor to the (newly) coronated King, Yasha.

Over the length of several millenia, Xiaoyin had made his presence both trusted and accepted among the council of the Makai and held both secrets and knowledge no normal Youkai was supposed to hold, including the truth behind Shizuka (Yasha's Daughter), her conception and birth, and giving her hints on how to escape the Makai to reach the mortal world.

When Shizuka saw the youth known as Kyohiro, she had fallen in love with him and was only ever able to watch him through the use of reflections, heartbroken and frustrated, Xiaoyin suggested using the God Mirror in her father's garden, to escape the makai and meet with her lover in secret, once she had been aided in leaving, he watched with troubling delight as she spent seven (mortal) years with him, only to be dragged back to the Makai after marriage and birth of twins (Itsuki and Yuuhi).

Having given the King (Yasha) the information on where to find Shizuka, he played the family like chess pieces, watching over the 'crown prince' (Yuuhi) until he was about twelve years old, having discovered that Yuuhi's beauty reflected much of Ashura's own, Xiao became obsessed with the child, rebuking and ignoring the advances and attentions of his (then loving) attendant and younger half-brother, Rhomma, in favor of pursuing the young prince.

Ever the manipulative bastard, when Yuuhi would not give in to his advances subtly, Xiao forced the child to comply, it was upon savagely abusing Yuuhi that Xiaoyin was caught, and his true nature was revealed.

Due to laws passed in the Makai that the slaying of any supernatural for any cause was of dire consequence, Yasha banished Xiaoyin and his followers in exile, to the darkest recess of the Makai, a place known as Yomi, where only the most frightening and despicable of nightmares dwell.

Though exiled however, like many Youkai, Xiaoyin is an immortal whose power is developed through fear, in the modern age, where fear is used to control all people, places, and things, he has found an unending fount of sustenance that has made him a formidable adversary to the Makai, and even the Eastern Gods.

[Time] 3hr 46min
[Medium] Adobe Photoshop CS6

[Tools Used] Wacom Bamboo Create

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