[8-BIT COVER thingy...] In the Hall of the Final Boss by DMDOKURO

[8-BIT COVER thingy...] In the Hall of the Final Boss

[8-BIT COVER thingy...] In the Hall of the Final Boss


16 March 2013 at 12:39:38 MDT

With only 2 minutes and 15 seconds to get to the boss's lair?! The hell is this?!

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    This is radical~

    Do you use hardware for chiptunes?

    If so, I can imagine the tempo creep to be a nightmare, so respect for that!

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      I wish I had hardware for this. Most of my work is done on Famitracker, and played through VirtuaNSF. I think I would have to go into the gruesome detail of getting a VRC6 chip to work on a PowerPak and convert the NSF to an appropriate extension that the PowerPak can read, due to Famitracker being unable to make NES files with expansion chips. All in all, I think if I really wanted to follow that route and go for some REAL quality, I'd have to do my homework first. XD

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        Oh my, personally I wouldn't bother with so much hassle. I mean, yeah it'd be awesome to have, but what you've done here is already pretty damn authentic.

        Hardware tends to add a lot of noise as well, not to mention you'd probably have to use a Famicom/FDS to get this sound, right? pretty crazy