Mahow's other main menabano design by Djsedj

Mahow's other main menabano design


12 June 2019 at 05:20:31 MDT

This menabano design, inherited from Mahow's individual components (Mata and Losoloso) more closely reflects Mahow's cultural background as someone from northern Gjaluvama (Minefina island's northeast area at the time when Minefina was the focal point of most nakwedj societies). Back then menabano designs that more closely resembled vertebrate anatomy were used mostly in urban areas due to their convenience and also due to outside influence from organic-born beings. More abstract designs, like this one, were/are often prefered by those with highly developed anobano and/or who live in remote areas.

Of course pretty much only people with specific needs, or weird hobbies, even have menabano in the first place. This design here is supposed to allow Mahow to better perceive miamiw radiation as they're mostly blind to electromagnetism. The more humanoid design was originally intended to contain Mahow's body as its incontinent power could cause damage to vulnurable people, even if they so much as looked at Mahow. Hence, the humanoid design's limitating nature also sacrifices miamiw perception in favor of enabling eyesight, which is unnatural and awkward to Mahow.

Mahow is the little shiny ball. Everything else is just their remote body device (menabano). Each "petal" on the front half is about 2 m long.

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    Very interesting, and fantastically weird!

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      Thank you!