Sailor of the Nisya by Djsedj

Sailor of the Nisya


7 January 2018 at 18:34:27 MST

2018-01-07 (this render)

After thinking a few things over I decided to make the Chasaya album a collection of themes related to all the plots mainly tied to Midemaya (the copy of Earth created out of a version of Tenzali in the distant future). I will have to organise the tunes according to the century they're relevant to in this case. Oh, and this means that Djosyará will be separate but either way it's more about the sentient pseudofox and Alzraya than anything else anyway.

Anyway, I thought even more things over and finally came up with a proper name for this theme (it's been 7 years but I never got around properly naming it). Since the canon changed drastically in 2013, I had to choose a title that was relevant to the current canon. And since she has a deal with Djonisya going on, I decided to call her "the sailor of the Nisya" as a form of highlighting her (temporary) ties to Tenazalina and the general thematic of death and undeath surrounding both herself and Djonisya's backstory. Also, this should make naming her twin brother's theme easier now as I want to avoid naming it something similar.

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