Mystery Foot #3 by djonskin

Mystery Foot #3

Mystery Foot #3


6 June 2018 at 15:44:16 MDT

Yowza, how is it, peeps? Pippins?? You were all waiting on another Mystery Foot? NO?! Well, I can't help you there, but I CAN help the ones that were! This one ain't much of a Mystery, for one keeping up with our posts, but, whatever. Try to sound off below who you think the foot to belong to! I know you won't, but even if you do, I legit think you won't get this one in a million years! But seriously... enjoy!!

Sound off in them comments who you believe to the foot in the cover image to belong to! Or... whatever other existential questions or comments you want to chime in with. Stay tuned in to Podophiliac Game Union for more feet/pods similar to this one!

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