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Dj Mix Shark - 1 size doesn't fit all by djmixshark

Dj Mix Shark - 1 size doesn't fit all


26 November 2021 at 16:08:37 MST

Another old art piece from 2019 to share until i get started on my next drawing. This drawing was created as a request on one of my live streams. The request was to draw a living Aircraft, (Can't remember the type) and i don't remember from the old description. But this is what i came up with for some reason. I'm hoping nobody was in the pool when he sat down in it. But it looks like nobody got hurt during this extremely rare (if rare) sighting.

Another piece i wasn't gonna share ever again, but i'm lacking uploads this month due to some health issues and falling i'll this November. (Just a terrible month) But i should continue with drawing next month.

Original completion date: (9/18/2019 at 11:57:44 PM)

Completion time: 20hrs 58min

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