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Dj Mix Shark - Happy Halloween 2021 by djmixshark

Dj Mix Shark - Happy Halloween 2021


31 October 2021 at 10:04:43 MDT

Happy Halloween everyone, Stay safe out there tonight.

I'm already seeing lots of cute aquatic critter costumes swimming around below land level here. We do trick or treating all day down here because it stays dark most the time at this depth. Anyways it looks like we have a cute whale in a plane costume, 2 swordwitches, a devil dolphin, 2 Pumpclams, a little vampire shark, and a familiar face dressed in a clown costume. If you seen my drawing of You will notice this cute little green fella. Looks like he's still getting use to his new form and not to happy about it. Either that, or he's upset with his clown costume on his face. The restaurant also made him a cute little Halloween bucket from one of their cups for him. (Aww ^^) Must of sent it off with him when animal control saved them. I hope he's made a few new friends at sea here.

Software Used: Ms Paint & Chasys Draw

Completion time: 19hrs 19+min

Happy Halloween Artwork © Dj Mix Shark 2021