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Dj Mix Shark - Goin' Autopilot (Airplane Tf) by djmixshark

Dj Mix Shark - Goin' Autopilot (Airplane Tf)


9 September 2021 at 18:21:22 MDT

Not sure if i would wanna become a pilot at this airport. It looks like this is the only way they hire them. Probably how they get all their aircraft as well.

Anyways this woman, Well... (Plane), went on to apply for her first piloting job after her many years of study for it. Filled out the app, got approved for the job. Only to be tricked into a sneaky contract that rewords (You'll have to be a plane) into some questions along the lines of:

(Are you committed to full time duties and responsibilities of care to your crew and passengers?)

(Are you comfortable with being away from home for unknown amounts of time/days/weeks etc...?)

(If you are feeling unwell, It is your responsibility to warn the crew so they can get you the proper treatment.)

(As part of this job, upon your first day and therefor after, we will provide you with airplane food for your breaks. You ok with this?)

(Do you think you can fly long distances and handle the differences in weather change?)

(This job can make you feel "heavily" stressed upon completion of your application and signing this contract. Are you ok with this?)

(By signing this contract, you confirm that you'll do your best to help passengers board and unload when stationary!)

(Also by signing this contract, We do require that all new pilots take a 1 shot vaccine to help prevent motion sickness during flight.)

(Once you sign this contract, and vaccine is taken, your job will start effective Immediately!)

So now it looks like all those years of study went to waste and she will have to learn the ways of being a plane. And i'm sure she will have to learn to fly the plane way as well.

Your probably thinking, she's causing a lot of damage to the airport. Well to the staff, she's now worth more than the damage she caused so they don't mind it honestly. They're use to it with every new pilot they get in. ^^

Completion Time: 35hrs 27Min

Software used: Ms Paint, Chasys Draw

Goin' Autopilot © Dj Mix Shark 2021


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    OH MYYY!!! It's good to see you again!

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      Good to be back!
      Hopefully my name stops getting taken by others. It gets annoying restarting all the time.

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        I'm sorry to hear that! I did have only instance where someone took my name and pretended to be me on Discord to try to make me look bad. Luckily, a lot of good people in the drama ruined LM community noticed that wasn't the real me (& know I'm a nice person) and they banned the imposter from their servers.

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          I don't understand why people have to behave this way. What's the purpose. I'm glad they banned him though.