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Dj Mix Shark - Life's a Beach by djmixshark

Dj Mix Shark - Life's a Beach


9 September 2021 at 18:15:36 MDT

This is a project I've put off for almost a year now. I started this back on (9-21-2020) and haven't worked on it due to being busy or giving up on it. i'm glad i finished it though to make room for new art projects.

Anyways, this is the first transformation drawing i've shared and it's of my favorite dog the Doberman.

Hmm how do i explain this??

Cursed frisbee taken from a dog park + Humans touching cursed frisbee = Your now a Doberman. :3
Makes no sense i know, Must be a spell or something. (Someone get me a Frisbee like that!)

Completion Time: 44hrs 3Min

Software used: Ms Paint, Chasys Draw

Life's a Beach © Dj Mix Shark 2021