The Dino Epidemic [[and More]] Artdump by DJcroc2016

The Dino Epidemic [[and More]] Artdump


9 May 2019 at 04:29:31 MDT

some doodles i made over the last few days to rebel against homework
labelled A to E to talk about them easier:

Looks like Levi, Spook, and Gandalf are the victims of a cold-blood hater who wants to force feed them ice cream to make them faint and show them how pathetic they are. Damn it.
Spook the exferret and Gandalf the exbat are now a lizard and a catfish as this other draw of mine explains: [[ ]]

Little mustache fox Steini is having the tummy ache of his life as he transforms into a dilophosaurus for mysterious reasons. That's a ruined pair of shoes if i've ever seen one.

Dr Diego Denys Deinonychus, the bad guy from the aforementioned and aforelinked comic, doing a cartwheel to show off his combination of strength and agility that raptors have.

Seems an injection to the butt made this ordinary possum Will transform into a dimetrodon and ruin his clothes in the process, how unfortunate. What's with all these people becoming prehistoric animals?!

Finally, a draw of Zoltan and Stan in their "Season 1" looks. With the updated rules about how amphibians are actually the shortest order, Zoli became about the same height as his adoptive teenager fox son Stan.

Now for who the characters belong to:
Spook, Gandalf
Stein, Levi

Hope you enjoy!

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