Shin Megami Tense 2: Roean Edition by DJcroc2016 (critique requested)

Shin Megami Tense 2: Roean Edition (critique requested)


5 May 2019 at 13:26:53 MDT

Choose your allegiance!

Of the many wonderful gods in the pantheons of Roe, these may be the ones with the most consistent ideologies and most power. Also in modern clothes, gona are the days of straw skirts and loin cloths.

  • Which path will you take?

Side with Xiuhtecohot, the eldest of the Xiatli and god of fire and light. Help this buff archosaur in bringing his neat and ordered world to reality, where everyone obeys him and is rewarded for it.
"Only I can create the perfect world, where my word is law!"

Follow Musux, the current wolf lord of the underworld, and decimate creation, destroy the mortals' morale, and create the pandemonium you dreamed of on the land of the living.
"Watching from the sideline? Being shackled by a moral code? Where's the fun in that, hehehe."

Ally yourself with Cuatl, the serpentine god of knowledge and science, to help bring forth a world where the mortals decide for themselves and have the freedom to choose their own paths.
"I'm confident the mortals are clever enough to create their own ideals and forge their own paths."

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