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[Pathfinder] Character Portrait - Kotone Kawaguchi, wokou an by DixieLandoe

[Pathfinder] Character Portrait - Kotone Kawaguchi, wokou an


I got in over my head with this one. ^^ I really wanted to make everything nice because I'd intended to enter this picture in an art contest, but really I set out with intentions too great for my artistic ability. All the rope and woodwork got to be very tedious, and took a lot longer than I expected. I also didn't realize until I uploaded it that I got the geometry of the ship wrong, and some of the angles are pretty far off. The character herself though, she was fun. <3

Technically this picture isn't finished, but it's been at least a month now since I worked on it last, and I don't think I'm going to be finishing the rest. The flag hasn't been colored yet because at the time, my group hadn't decided on a flag design, and a lot of the shading hasn't been done. Though I should elaborate. :P

This is the character I'm playing in a Pathfinder home campaign - the Skulls and Shackles adventure path, where the party is press-ganged into service aboard a pirate ship under a ruthless captain and an even more awful master-at-arms. After the crew's first successful ship attack, the master-at-arms is put in charge of the new ship (which the player characters conveniently are also sent over to help man) to sail it into port behind the captain, but betrays the captain and leads the boat in a new direction. Along the way, the crew mutinies against the man-at-arms and his lackies, and the player characters are named the new officers. At the time this picture was painted (as it would have been during the time period), the mutiny has just happened, and the character would have felt a portrait would be a good way to spend part of her share of the plunder (she's like that).

So yes, meet Kotone Kawaguchi, the charming and kindly kitsune bard, rogue and arcanist; wokou and quartermaster aboard the former "Mann's Promise," now squibbed over to the "Scarlet Dagger," and her familiar, the foul-mouthed abrasive parrot Pluck. Holding a masterwork shamisen and concealing an array of fine daggers beneath her kimono, her mix of charm, wit and stealth are sure to be formidable in her crew's endeavors on the high seas. :3

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