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Info on Halicis
These folks have 2 tails that are wing-like but they can’t fly with them, they act more like shields.
the halo they hold are kinda like their soul, if you manage to steal their halo, they are bound to you.
If you crush that halo, they will wither and die within a week.
When they find a mate, they exchange their halos to each other as a sign of trust & to show they are bound to each other.
The visibility of their halos are totally up to them, however their halo will be forced to appear when they are very injured or ill.

Their tail have variety of lengths ; short, medium, long.
Medium - common, Short - Uncommon, Long - rare

The short tailed halicis are much weaker than others and are most desperate in finding a partner who would be able to protect their own halo from being stolen by slave-traders as they are the most easiest target.

The long tailed halicis are ones who manage to master the arts of magic that could come close to the naturally talented twin-tails. They are usually hundreds of years old. Unlike the twin-tailed halicis, they could halo-exchange with other one-halo halicis since despite their heightened skills they still only possess one halo.

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    stares and sighs they're all so cute
    I love all the new information you've written up for the halicis, plus additional trait variations ;w; Watching their development is really fun hhh

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      wAHHH thank you so much!!
      it makes me happy you like my halicis ;//; and it always make me extremely happy seeing you draw your's!
      You know if you want me to draw your halici in this base I don't mind~ (for free)

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        Yes, I love drawing Merit so much ghjfkfh -lies down- Thank you for creating this species!!
        OH GOSH!! That'd be wonderful ;__; I'd love that, thank you! Maybe I could doodle something for you in return?

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          hhHH it'll be no problem and no it's totally fine!!
          since i've added this new trait you could pick which one you want, do you want merit to be long-tailed/medium or short?

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            AHh!! You sure?!?
            Medium-tailed would be great ;w; Thank you!!

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              OMG I feel so embarrassed for leaving this hanging for so long after i offered this for you T___T
              HERE IT IS! http://puu.sh/82dtD.png

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                Ahhh oh my gosh! WAAHH!! She's so cute on your new base!! I love how you colored her hair! I'm dying over here ok THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN ;___; <333

                (SHHHH don't worry about it, it's no problem! ... Looking back over this thread, I'm embarrassed about my own excitement h-haha)