[Valentines special auction] Twin Halicis [OPEN] ends 2/7 by Dissectr

[Valentines special auction] Twin Halicis [OPEN] ends 2/7


4 February 2014 at 13:15:40 MST

sorry i couldn't resist making twins
this is probably the only valentine halici i'll be able to dish out sadly
and I won't be around on the actual valentines day so I'll have to put this out now ahh

You will be bidding for both!

AB: will add in 24 hours
HB: $50 - disdain
SB: $15
Minimum bid increment of $5

  • must be able to pay within 24 hours
  • paypal/USD
  • closed species, please do not make your own w/o my permission.

[these two have medium-length tails]

Info on Halicis
These folks have 2 tails that are wing-like but they can’t fly with them, they act more like shields.
the halo they hold are kinda like their soul, if you manage to steal their halo, they are bound to you.
If you crush that halo, they will wither and die within a week.
When they find a mate, they exchange their halos to each other as a sign of trust.
The visibility of their halos are totally up to them, however their halo will be forced to appear when they are very injured or ill.

Their tail have variety of lengths ; short, medium, long.
Medium - common, Short - Uncommon, Long - rare

The short tailed halicis are much weaker than others and are most desperate in finding a partner who would be able to protect their own halo from being stolen by slave-traders as they are the most easiest target.

The long tailed halicis are ones who manage to master the arts of magic that could come close to the naturally talented twin-tails. They are usually hundreds of years old. Unlike the twin-tailed halicis, they could halo-exchange with other one-halo halicis since despite their heightened skills they still only possess one halo.

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    Starting Bid! * Might aswell ha.

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      Haha thanks for the bid!!
      but right now it's at $50 from a bid by Disdian@FA

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        AH, I FIGURED it would be higher on FA, pfft pfft.

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    ;O; so gorgeous ///diess

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      C ries thank youuu //revives u

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        hehehe im thinkin of doing a valentines special myself u maybe a cupids couple (ttly gawkis idea)

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          oMG HECK YA i think i saw you guys tweet about it on twitter
          you totally should do it omg ;___; if u do i cant want to see it !!