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The Threads of Fate Run Deep by Disidi

The Threads of Fate Run Deep


16 March 2014 at 08:44:31 MDT

"...We who have spiraled on the cosmic rings, piggybacked on solar storms and the feathery gussets of galactic fabric... We settled down like fluffy dust upon this corpse of rock, and soot, and ice. The whorls of time have concluded, knotted into a tangle that We cannot undo. The aether spills from Us and roasts the air with colour. We are the walking coma, wandering and lost.

But We will awaken soon.

It is curious that you come to Me now, in these waning hours, on this date. It is a meaningful happenstance lost in a coughing spit of discarded moments. It does not stand apart from the rest, and yet...

And yet... were you not looking for Me after all? The threads of fate rarely fray. The path always points truly, unravels and twists through aching tunnels and moaning rock, and so many have come to Me in this fashion; golden strands making a dull web that I walk upon like a tired spider. Curious, that you are the only one who has seen the String, held and pulled it, other than Myself.

And Him.

But We will not speak of Him today. You are still too new and full of Hope.

You can hold the Strings, but can you sense the Numbers? Are you one of the Ciphers?

No? I thought not. Ah, well.

Ask your questions, my Child, and then, when all is settled and calm in your brain, I shall finally rest."

For Sovy.

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    Whoooo! Thank you! :D

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      Thank you for the patience while I hammered this out! :D

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    Every time you post something I'm amazed at how well you paint

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      That's very kind, but my approach is haphazard at best. I keep feeling like I'm lucking out that it's understandable at all! :P Thank you for the nice comment.

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    That is one creepy hand. ?_?

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      Yeah, The Underqueen's got weird anatomy 8D

      Here she is more 'naked': (oops, I thought I uploaded that to Weasyl already; oh well)

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        The hand is creepier in your new picture. The fingers are doing things. It's very well done though!

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    This is absolutely fantastic. @_@

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      Thank you!

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    I don't know HOW I missed this piece, I LOVE the final product and all your manipulations of color and space to create a very ethereal feel, like a bit of reality unraveling. Just beautiful!

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      Thank you Kitt! It was a challenging piece, but finishing it was really cathartic, and seeing Sovy interact with one of my Big Two makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. :B

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    This is amazing, truly. And the accompanying story makes it that much more powerful @.@;