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How About Now? by DiscountBinNinja

How About Now?


She was cute. Ricky wasn't sure she was his type when you got down to it, she seemed to be covering something up with a thin cotton scarf wrapped around her face and neck. Either that or she was a goth girl that thought she was a ninja.

So he talked to her. She introduced herself as Hanako, and he offered to buy her a drink. She asked for a mimosa.

When her drink arrived, she looked at him curiously. "Do you think I'm pretty? Is that why you're talking to me?"

"Why did you think I was talking to you? Sorry. Yes, you're cute." Ricky sighed quietly. Girls with confidence issues were something of a turn-off.

Then she took off her scarf to reveal her mutilated cheeks. Someone had carved through them with something not sharp enough for the job, leaving rough furrows and oozing wounds. "And how about now? Am I still pretty?"

"Hot damn. Can I have your number? No, here. Take mine." In the confusion that followed, Ricky could have escaped. Instead, he did the opposite, and a week later Hanako came to her senses at a nice restaurant with a bowl of very nice sukiyaki.

I really, really like yokai. You might have guessed.

The changing of the times has changed how one handles kuchisake-onna. They've caught on to some of our stupid human tricks, and eventually they will catch on again. I imagine trying to rope one into a loving relationship would work for the purpose of confusing them.

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