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I forGor How dRawinG ? by Dire

I forGor How dRawinG ?


I haven't actually forgotten how to draw - I just still haven't had the time to work on much or keep up with the internet lately.
My 20-hours-a-week job turned into 40-hours-a-week for no obvious reason, and I've been pretty burned out. Any free time i DO have has been used up trying to spend time with my loved ones and preparing for NEOTROPOLIS, which happens later this month.

Surprisingly, I still have some stuff to post. I bought a couple commissions when money was good, and managed a few doodles and mini-projects of my own. I'm hoping to post all of that after NEO. And, if I am really lucky, my hours will finally calm down enough so I can start working on art projects regularly again.

I really miss being active online.