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Pride Fox [Red Bubble Merch] by Dire

Pride Fox [Red Bubble Merch]


My Red Bubble account is LiVE!

Check it out here:

Get your very own pride fox!
I currently offer 4 different rainbows, and flags for lesbian, gay men, bisexual, pansexual, trans, nonbinary/genderqueer, asexual, aromantic, polyamorous, and intersex!


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    I am so proud of you! ... What's Red Bubble?

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      It's a website that allows artists to upload their works to sell as prints, t shirts, stickers, and a lot more. RedBubble takes a share of the sale, but the rest goes directly to the artist.

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    That sounds great! ... How big of a percentage does RedBubble get? I realise it's possibly 30% or more, because they have to do the work, right?

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      It depends on how high I make my prices. RB gets a set amount based on the product type, and the percentage I get is based on how high I set the final price.