MazRek Ref by Dire

MazRek Ref


10 June 2021 at 16:28:47 MDT

KyrasMoonHunter on FA commissioned me to make myself a new character... So. This is MazRek.

-Space Explorer
-Likes to put things in his pouch.
-Often forgets he left things in his pouch and is surprised when he pulls them out later.
-Likes to fix things, though he isn't the best at it
-Gets lost easily
-Likes spicy food
-Dislikes thorns

MazRek + Art © xDire
Kaiprax Species © KyrasMoonhunter

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    Yes, ladies, gentlemen, and variations thereupon, Dire certainly is a hands-on artist. He is a real treat. Let's give him a round of applause, shall we? (It is he/him, right? Sorry if I got it wrong.)

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      Hands on. I see whut you did there. Because of. All the hands. Yea. [It is he/him, thank you!]
      I'm still not clicking your links.

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    The first link I sent you was Tiny Tim singing Tiptoe Through The Tulips because your description talked about tulips. This one is just a 10-second clip of applause. I don't Rickroll (Rick roll?) people. I genuinely enjoy the song "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley. If I sent you a link to play that song, I would say 'Hey, here's the song "Never Gonna GiveYou Up" by Rick Astley. Trust me. I swear it upon my wholesomeness and my life. I don't lie to people unless it is truly needed. I am not lying to you.