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Stuck by DinkyChubbyPinky



23 May 2021 at 09:42:56 MDT

Go here for full context.


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    Do what makes YOU happy. Ignore anybody who starts whining/complaining/griping about how "you should do this or that this/MY way". Take time away from social media. Do things with the ones you love and care about. Spa Day(s). Relax, meditation, herbal tea, hot honey & lemon tea. Play some games, read books, watch movies. Cuddle up with your loved one. Make yourself happy. The ONLY person you need to impress is yourself. You ARE worth it! You are worth more than you know! You are loved by your boyfriend and your friends. I hope you feel better to yourself, both mentally and physically. Virtual hugs and love, I am sending to you.
    May your life be blessed and filled with love, peace, joy, wonder, delight, happiness, mental & physical wellbeing, and great food.

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      Th-thank you. I could just hug you right now, like for real. My depression is getting really bad at this point, even as I'm typing this. I've had the same problem in school where I've had constant crying spells and issues with stress because of people not being impressed by me or the things I do. Even my therapist is not available most of the time because it's impossible to book emergency appointments. I'd have to wait for like a month. The least I can do is let the pain pass on its own or talk to my bf through text.

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    I honestly wish I was a therapist so I could help you. My doors would always be open to you, but sadly, I'm just me.
    You are a beautiful, kind, amazing, sweet, funny, breathtaking, and loved angel. I may not know you physically, but I know it's true. I hate seeing people hurting like this. If I were there right now, I'd do everything in my power to help, do whatever was needed to help you through this. I hope and wish that you feel better soon. Talk to your boyfriend through this, and I hope your therapist can see you soon. You are perfect, you are valid, you are loved.

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    hugs All we can do is take it one day at a time. I am so proud of you. Each day you go through even a little happy is a win in my book. Treat yourself to something you've been wanting for a while. Do things that make you happy. Tell your loved ones - your family, your boyfriend, your friends - that you love them. Care for yourself. I am so proud of you. Be proud of yourself.