Yogi thing by dingostuff

Yogi thing


7 February 2014 at 22:40:37 MST

Hey guys!
So yeah, I have something different from a bunch of dingoes to share with you guys tonight ^^
After ages, I finally decided to have a go at some fanart again and I chose Yogi to be drawn this time, poor little thing xD
Thought I'd draw Yogi 'cause he is one of the characters that marked my childhood, also is a cute ol' silly bear and... stuff ^^'
I tried to practice that "follow the "character" instead of the "model" " thing, I guess it turned out kinda wonky though hehe had fun with it nevertheless and hope you guys like it =]

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    Adorei! x3 x3
    Vai desenhar o Catatau tb?

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      Yay! x3
      Hehe, não sei ^^', a idéia e desenhar o Zé veio bem do nada, quem sabe uma hora não venha a idéia de desenhar o Catatau também? 8D

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    He looks so cute and colourful in your style :D

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      Aww thank you very much, dude <3
      Glad you like how he turned out into the way I draw things ^^'

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    desenho tao bom XD pena que me lembro tao pouco :c
    assistiu o filme?

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      Aww, qualquer coisa youtube tá aí ^^' E tem sempre como achar pra baixar por torrent também =] Tem até uma versão mais adulta e questionável de 10 anos atrás feita pelo John K. (o mesmo responsável por Ren & Stimpy) pro "adult swim" do cartoon, que por sinal eu gosto bastante 8D

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    Pretty cool! XD