Tera does weird things to Jason - the fourth wall will not protect you by Digitalpotato

Tera does weird things to Jason - the fourth wall will not protect you


19 March 2015 at 17:00:25 MDT

Art by AggroBadger

"I think Tera might like that, hehe." Jason laughed, after typing something into the IRC channel

He had joked to Tera that a "Public Stoning" meant something a little different in the context of Naisuranism. How it was for people into ASFR or bondage to be turned into a statue, then displayed in public.

As expected, Tera likely facepalmed in real life then said shi was a little too tired to crystallize him. He made a mental note to write about that little tradition in his little "Tera does Weird things to Jason" series that he posted on SoFurry. It was a nice little collection of in-jokes between him and Tera, just imagining all the funny things that shi would do.

A little later, he felt a strange feeling. Like he was being watched. But it was night. In the very early morning, when it was still dark out. He tried to sleep again, only to be startled back awake by some kind of odd image. He couldn't describe it - something that could only be described as some kind of Freudian monstrosity. Like a shaft beast.

"Geez..." Jason said, panting. He then turned onto his left... and right there in bed next to him was someone.

"AAA-" he said, as a hand went over his mouth. Strange, it felt... odd, scaly almost. Was this a bizarre waking dream of some kind? Did a scaly rapist break into his room and was in bed with him, creating the Ultimate Bedside Surprise?

"Hello Jason." A somewhat feminine sounding voice said, "I'm Tera, you know me."

He reached up and pulled the hand away from his face. Or at last tried to, the arm seemed surprisingly strong. All of a sudden, he felt the other figure getting closer to him, squishing hir breasts against his chest. The hand finally slipped away form his mouth, as he felt something against his face. A draconic muzzle?

"Hiiii." Tera said. He was able to make out the dragoness (well, shi was a herm) in the bed with him. Shi wrapped hir arms around his back, pulling the human closer and closer to hir. "I hope you don't mind - I snuck in through your closet. Ssssh, don't speak... actually speak Naisuranism to me."

"What the fuck?" Jason asked, trying to get the dragoness away from him.

Cept all he heard were weird noises. Tera finally laughed, stroking across his face.

"Sorry, it's always amusing to hear you trying to speak our language to me. I told you I'd make a rain check on that. Now I think you can speak your language again."

Shi let go of the human. Before he could react, shi grabbed onto his hand and slipped him out of the bed. Still in his boxers of all things. The dragoness smiled and led him into his closet. At least... it should have been his closet. It was some kind of a hallway, full of statues.

His eyes widened as he looked at the dragoness. Shi had a sergal grin on hir face - he knew from the stories he had written that bad things would happen whenever Tera had a sergal grin on hir face. The dragoness led the human over through the hall - past the various statues of critters. Some of which were stuck in exceedingly lewd poses.

"I told you I was going to take a raincheck on this... but hey, I'm not going to make you naked. I know you're only naked in the shower." Tera said to Jason, "Now just get back here."

"What are you doing?" Jason asked.

"Easy." Tera said, "This is for the 'public stoning' comment you made a week ago. Don't bother to run."

Shi took out a device, with a card. Jason's eyes widened, as Tera swiped it. Before Jason could escape, he felt himself almost racked over with some kind of sensation. He felt something oddly cool around his nads. Jason gasped, before feeling another bizarre sensation. He looked down at his waist, noticing his boxers had vanished. In their place was something like a belt - a rather large belt. But it was more than a belt. Some kind of plate hung over his loins, bearing some odd symbol.

Two more plates covered the sides of his thighs. It didn't go all four ways, covering his rear as well. Jason felt a bit embarrassed, as he felt something warm around his legs and feet. Thick, golden boots had appeared around his shins, all the way down from his knees to the bottom of his feet. Two symbols appeared around where his knees were, somewhat like chevrons made of gold. He tried to wiggle his toes, only for them to feel restricted by the boots They felt heavier than cinderblocks... of course, metal.

"Are you trying to make me cosplay as Magnamon?" Jason asked.

"Of course, but that's not all." Tera said. Jason felt something on his shoulders, almost causing him to slouch from the weight. His chest was wrapped in this hard sensation, his front and his back. He reached up to feel over this half-plated armour, only for his arms to feel heavy. Large, golden gauntlets appeared around Jason's forearms, weighing them both down. They clanked against the sideplates of his loinguard.

Before he could say anything, there was a clanging noise all around his head. He shut his eyes, and then opened them. There was a void in his vision - as if he was viewing the world through a mask. It was a visor. He tried to feel over this, only for his arms to be almost immobile. He could guess what it was based upon the rest of the armour. Another angled chevron must have pointed up from the top of his visor, weighing him down more. Several more pointed bits jutted from his armour - giving him a very Gundam like appearance.

"Hello? I can't wear this - it's heavy!" Jason protested, voice echoing somewhat.

"When I'm done with you... it'll feel like nothing, Striker." He heard Tera's voice say.

"What, how do you know?" Jason asked, "My Digi-"

"One of them." Tera said, as Jason felt a strange vibration spread through his body. It started at his head. He felt his mouth and teeth stretching forward, the rest of his face following suit

He wished he could see this muzzle that had developed, but all he could see was gold. Jason rolled his eyes up. Strange, he had a much better view of the world through this helmet. Wait, he had a Magnamon muzzle now. His hair fluttered, as it seemed to harden. It fused to his head, creating pins and tingles. They seemed to point backwards through the hole in the back of his helmet. They must have been part of the Magnamon head - like horns. If he weren't practically immobilized by the weight, he'd have reached back to check it.

A sudden surge of strength rushed through him. Jason twitched his arm, only for the gauntlet to not restrict him as much. He didn't feel a lot of empty space in between his arm and the rest of the gauntlet. It must have been his muscles expanding and bones thickening.

He looked over himself, seeing that his exposed belly had turned white, the rest of his skin turning blue. Tera was really doing it, turning him into a Magnamon. But Striker was an Exveemon by default. His fingers suddenly felt odd. Jason pulled his hand up, bringing it in view of his face. Jason's pinky and ring finger stuck together, while his middle and forefinger also stuck. They turned completely blue, fingers seeming to wrap themselves around from within, until there were only two much larger fingers. His thumb grew, as a claw sprouted from the tips of them.

His eyes widened again, as a new sensation smacked him. It was a tail - a reptilian tail at that. It even moved when he commanded it to. Finally, Jason lifted up his foot, and it obeyed his command. It felt like the armour weighed nothing - just like he was wearing clothes. Even the helmet. And yet before, it felt like it would break his back. Wait, that's not all that Magnamon had.

Jason reached to his right shoulder. Right there was an oversized rectangular pauldron. It seemed to dangle off of his shoulder mostly, but somehow it stayed. Wow. It was bigger than the shoulder-armour in World of Warcraft. He had to have had one on his other shoulder, too.

"Mmm, nice handiwork, don't you think?" Tera's voice said, "I know many would love to see the royal knight in golden armour."

"What are you going to do, parade me around?" Jason asked.

"For your public stoning comment? Yes." Tera said.

All of a sudden, Jason's legs felt a little stiff. The armour seemed to constrict just a little bit, especially around his chest and waist. His abdomen felt a little stiff. Jason tried to bend over to look at it, but he couldn't move his neck as much. Thankfully, he could move his arm.

However, it felt a little stiff, and heavy. Just like before Tera had turned him into a Magnamon. It took a little bit of effort, before Jason finally managed to bring his claw to his stomach. He felt his claw poking against something hard... it made a tinking noise. And yet that part of his body should have been flesh.

He looked up a bit, struggling to bring his arm up to view. What was Tera doing to him? He immediately guessed, when he saw his gauntlet seeming to fuse to his wrist... no, it had already fused. The gold sensation spread up his hand, locking all of his joints into place. He looked almost like he was trying to grab something... or maybe, spread his hand in a view.

Jason tried to move his other hand, as if trying to cherish the last bit of mobility that he had. But it didn't move. It had been stuck with his elbow slightly bent, fingers pointing down. He tried to lift up his feet, yet they seemed glued to the floor. His tail - of course! He tried to move his tail, and it obliged. However, the gold covered it up entirely, body solidifying into solid metal.

He blinked, rapidly. Eyes widening mad. All of him was gold now, except his head. The dragoness stepped into view, feeling over his smooth abdomen. He felt it - the armour was a part of him now!

"Like it?" Tera asked, "Public stoning, after all. I know I asked you this in another story, but any last words while you still have vocal chords?"

Jason tried to say something, only for his jaw to be absolutely stuck. No wait, of course, that helmet had fused to him, and sealed his mouth shut. He couldn't even make a few muffled grunts. Of course, Tera saw his eye language.

"Hm... guess it doesn't work if you got a helmet like this." Shi rubbed over his mouthpiece, and he felt hir hand across it. "Well... I guess you just... can't speak to me then. I've stopped the aurification at juuuust the last bits." Tera smiled, walking around the golden statue.

"I'm going to put you on 'tour'." Shi said to him, gently stroking his tail. He would have blushed at hir getting a good view of his ass, if he still could. "Don't worry... I know you still have stuff to do in your human life. This only exists in this little story - which you told me was inspired by a dream, wasn't it?" Shi walked in front of him. "Wasn't it?"

Shi stared at him for a few moments, before facepalming.

"Okay... I am not intending to do this. Buuut... I know that in your dream, Auva and Alphard blinded you with a blindfold. I'll keep them from doing that."

Jason couldn't blink anymore. Tera watched as the last of the gold spread across his flesh, leaving his eyes as blank indentations on his metal face. Tera smiled, staring at them from a minute.

"But..." Tera said, with a smile, "You know WHY they won't be covering you up? That's because... I will be doing it instead."

Tera then sergal grinned as shi held up a piece of metal. It was gold, exactly the same colour as the rest of him. Shi gradually slid it over the visor in his helmet.

"See, I can be cruel too." Tera said. "