Why you should really make sure to celebrate Bowser Day. by Digitalpotato

He simply sat at his computer, repeatedly commanding his Sims to do things. With one command, the Sim walked through the small apartment and got to work on filling up their needs. Jay laughed a bit as he watched the neighbors outside the apartment get in another shouting match and then attack each other. So funny how the sims never actually moved out or did anything of the sort.

Soon he heard a heavy knock at the door. Jay turned around and looked at it, wondering whoever on earth would knock so heavily. He looked over at the small patches where the door had been put back on its frame, after some idiot had accidentally knocked it over. Eventually the door swung open.

“Oh, I meant to do that.” the voice said.

Not long after, Jay heard some grunting from the door. Right there, as he guessed, was none other than a rather large fatass koopa stuck in the doorframe… again.

“Oh, hi Pawpy.” Jay said,

“Dammit did you shrink your doorway again?!? Didn’t I tell you not to do that?” Pawpy grunted, trying to get through the too-small passage again.

“No, I didn’t.” Jay didn’t even look up from the computer, “You just let yourself go again.”

“I couldn’t help it!” Pawpy complained as he shifted his weight onto his belly, “I was hearing this person going around singing, ‘let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door.’ and you know what happens whenever I hear that. I don’t care what you’re going to say.” He grunted again, “Let the fat build up - my weight never bothered me anyway.”

Not long after he said that, Jay turned around, now to find the fatass koopa having practically destroyed the nearby furniture after having slid himself through the doorway. Stars orbited his head.

“Hey Pawpy, guess what.” Jay said, “You get to pick that up. And replace it. You know the rule. Whoever causes the property damage must clean it up.”

“Uh… Jay, I think I got my head stuck under the dining chair again.” Pawpy said again, as he tried to pull it off. The chair then smacked into the nearby half-wall, causing a vase of flowers to rock and then fall right onto the Koopa’s head.

“Sheesh, you really did let yourself go.” Jay said, turning back to the computer.

Not long after, he felt something large and warm behind him. Obviously Pawpy. He turned around, only for Pawpy to take another step close.

“Well, Jay?” Pawpy said, “It’s Bowser Day. What did you do for Bowser Day?”

All he got was a few muffled noises. Pawpy stepped back, getting the smaller person out of his pudge.

“Ahem… what did you do for Bowser Day?”

“What?” Jay asked.

“Bowser day.” Pawpy said, “What’d you do for it?”

“You mean that’s today?”

“Yes.” Pawpy said, “So what’d you conquer?”

“…Nothing?” Jay asked, confused.

“Ahem. You know the rules.” Pawpy pulled out a roll of paper and then let it drop all the way to the ground, comically unrolling. “According to this rule of being a Koopa, all koopas must do something for Bowser Day, and these include four loaves of garlic bread, one make it yourself pizza, three packets of stir-fry, three boxes of Dunkaroos, two apple pies that were on sale for $13.99 each, one bag of Ore-Ida Tater Tots…”

Jay picked up the other end piece of paper and looked at it.

“…Pawpy this is a grocery receipt.”

“…Oh, I was wondering what pop-tarts had to do with Bowser Day.” Pawpy threw the receipt to the side. Unfortunately the long strip of paper was a little too long and it clung to his scaly arm. He fumbled around for that other strip of paper, only to find the receipt stuck to his arm. He shook his arm, only for the receipt to stay on his scales. He flailed around until the receipt finally flew away, and then Pawpy put his foot on it and threw it to the side, not yet noticing that it clung to his heel.

“Ahem. According to the rules of being a Koopa.” Pawpy said, reading the official rule sheet, “All koopas - namely royal koopas - must do something for Bowser day. These include conquering, eating toads, castigating minions, turning others into minions, taking as much gold coins as you can and hoarding it, kidnapping royalty, taking pipes and twisting them, fire breathing, constructing large castles, slobbing about in a lava bath all day, sliding around in your shell, as well as a few other approved activities by king koopas. So, what did you do?”

Jay just stared at Pawpy again.

“And it says right here…” Pawpy pulled up the scroll, “All royal koopas who do not engage in a Bowser Day activity must hereby be punished by a member of their own species in whatever way they can imagine. Now, I know last year you were busy lying around the house to do anything, so I hope you learned your lesson from that, hmmmm?”

“…You turned me into a freakin’ BEAN BAG!” Jay said, “It’s not like I could really do much seeing as somebody stole my identity and didn’t bother to return it until AFTER Bowser Day had passed!”

“Oh yeah that’s right,” Pawpy said, “Hehe, your belly was never so big before, and it was so nice to have something to relax on as a Yoshi. I popped the Flinty that I had as an inflatable couch… but enough about that, so what did you do?”

“Uhm… that ‘required Bowser Day’ stuff only applies to people who happen to be royal koopas. AS you can see here,” Jay stood up and gestured at his abdomen, “I don’t happen to be-“

To his surprise he felt a bit of fresh air against his belly. He looked down curiously, finding a set of scutes running across his own abdomen. A sudden weight had appeared on his back as he stood up. Jay looked cross-eyed at his nose.

“Oh come ON!” he said, glaring at his large schnoz.

“Hm,” Pawpy poked Jay’s abdomen, “You haven’t been eating a whole lot haven’t you? You don’t look like you’ve gained that much more weight.”

“I already way how-many hundreds of kilos like this?!” Jay asked, pulling away, “Besides, I’ve already weighed over a ton when you ‘accidentally’ poured your identity all over me.”

“That wasn’t me, that was Fory.” Pawpy defended, “You can blame Fory on that.”

“But you were Fory-oh for the love of crap, you need to cut back on the darn identity swapping. It took how long for me to stop being a massive fatass so you could take your identity again?”

“Now, back on topic before I say Zeeky Boogy d-“

Jay simply sent a wave up Pawpy’s fat.

“Right, sorry. Ahem, so now that you are a royal koopa who has not participated in Bowser Day activities, it’s my turn to punish you for it. Now let’s go to my castle.”

Pawpy hefted up the slightly smaller koopa and threw him onto his shoulder, then walked towards the door.


“Oh no, I get to punish you agai-“


“…Because you’re going to get us both stuck in the door.” Jay said, crossing his arms.

“Oh, shoot.” Pawpy said, wriggling against the doorframe again. “Uhm… you got any butter?”

“I’m stuck in the doorway too, you think I’m able to get any?” Jay asked.

~ ~ ~

Several hours of struggling later, Pawpy had finally brought the red koopa to his castle. Of course, he had stopped or pizza along the way. Jay tried at least four or five times to escape, but Pawpy was surprisingly fast for someone weighing as much as he did. By then, he just had his arms crossed, trying to make himself weigh more.

“There we are, home sweet home.” Pawpy said, “Now time for punishments!”

He put the other koopa right on his feet.

“Let me guess - multiple punishments, first punishment is something like loud music, second punishment is hot sauce, third punishment is na-“

Pawpy started throwing his hands up in the sky repeatedly while his knees bent and unbent, just.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh!” he shouted in a demonic voice, “How dare you suggest that I would use something like GoAnimate! And when I am extremely mad, my voice changes to ‘scary!’” As Pawpy shouted, the ground repeatedly shook.

“Now then,” Pawpy said as he returned to his normal voice, “Wand using time!” Pawpy smacked Jay over the head with his koopa wand, sending the koopa right to the floor on his belly.

Stars orbited his head as his eyes turned into spinning spirals. Finally, Jay stood back up.

“That doesn’t work on me!” Jay said.

“I wasn’t hitting you over the head to transform you.” Pawpy said.

“What did you do?!” Jay asked.

“Oooooh, you’ll see.” Pawpy said.

“Seriously, what did you do?!” Jay asked.

All of a sudden he felt himself standing up completely straight. He gasped as he tried to move, only to feel oddly stiff. Pawpy watched and giggled, already developing a shit-eating grin on his face. Jay was too stunned to do anything at the moment. His scales suddenly seemed a bit shiny, even moreso than they naturally were. Pawpy could see the other koopa’s muzzle struggle to open just a bit.

Finally, he got it open, but it didn’t open all the way. It had opened a tad, before it had appeared to lock in place. Pawpy got a closer look while the changing koopa was too stunned. It appeared as if a net had been spread over his open mouth, completely replacing his tongue and his teeth. In fact, his teeth were painted onto the little net. Pawpy smiled again as he leaned back, watching the somewhat shiny looking Jay struggle a little more. Finally, he was able to move. Jay brought his hand up to his mouth, hearing a strange noise as it touched his muzzle. It sounded a little like a small clanging noise. He tried to move his fingers, only for them to refuse to obey.

“Aaaaah!” Jay said as he looked over his hand, “Pawpy! What in the hell did you do to me?! And is that MY voice?!?” Jay’s voice sounded a lot more faked - like the slight distortion of a voice being transmitted over the telephone.

“I can’t bend my fingers!” Jay said, trying to close his other hand, “What did you do?!?”

Jay’s hands were completely stiff. The joints had been completely removed on all of his fingers, save for where they connected to the hands. They were only able to move a little bit, not enough for him to actually grab anything. He tried again and again to move his hands, only for nothing to work. Eventually, this strange stiffness spread up his arms, locking his wrists into place. The changing koopa tried to spread his arms like wings, yet they didn’t move at all.

The koopa finally managed to lean forward, since his neck had been locked into place. Strangely, he heard a whirring noise, feeling gears turning within him. He was able to make out an odd gleam on his body, as well as visible seams on his knees. Jay bent his knees, and the seams seemed to protrude, as a whirring noise rang from around his body. Strangely he felt no pressure at all when he squatted. Jay now could make out more about his toes.

They didn’t respond when he tried to move them. Just like his neck, they were locked into place, and no joints to even allow the illusion - or if not even taunt the faint likelihood - that they would ever be able to move. Jay noticed that his tail had become completely rigid. In fact, there was something on his thigh - but he couldn’t make it out. He couldn’t seem to focus his eyes anywhere else except his head was pointing. Wait! His eyes!

Jay’s eyes had been stuck completely wide open. When Jay attempted to bring his eyelids down, they didn’t move. He actually couldn’t even feel anything. He tried to reach up, only for his elbow to not bend all the way. He tried to rotate his wrist, but he could only get his hand facing his face, like he had tried to face palm.

Around now he finally noticed that every movement was accompanied with a whirring. He was able to feel it all inside him, too - like he could feel individual muscles being directed. Except he didn’t have muscles. Those were gears. He had gears turning inside of him. He created a small whirring as he stood back up completely straight, still staring at his hand.

“Pawpy, what’d you do?!?” Jay finally said.

“Weeelll,” Pawpy waddled behind the other koopa standing still, “Just wait oooone second.”

Pawpy watched with delight as one of the spikes on Jay’s back extended out towards him. Rather than try and impale him, it simply seemed to widen, first at the base, then at the tip, making the conical spike then became more cylindrical. Finally, the top of the shiny cylinder extended to the side and at the top, forming two large circles, a nice metallic “8” pattern. Jay stayed completely motionless in his strange pose again, while Pawpy waddled to the front. He grabbed Jay’s arm and then straightened it out completely.

“Given what I will want you to,” Pawpy said, “I think this is a little more fitting. So, I guess you can figure out what I did to you now.”

“The hell did you do?!?” Jay finally found his voice.

“Ooooh you’ll see, can you move at all?”

The koopa didn’t do anything.

“Guess not. Weeelll… watch this.”

Pawpy waddled behind the unmoving koopa and reached towards that “8” piece. He then grabbed it and started to turn it clockwise. With every single crank, more and more noise was heard within the koopa’s body. Finally, Pawpy let go of the key, as it started to turn.

Stiffly, Jay’s leg lifted right on up and his arms shifted. However, they could only go one direction. His eyes lit up, letting everyone see his now squared pupils. When he lost balance, he fell forward onto his other leg, knees bending to accommodate the weight. The koopa still had joints around his ankles, but only ones that were made to keep balance, giving the koopa an awkward walk. He stiffly took several more steps, gesturing his arms around wildly.

Pawpy walked up and then grabbed onto the key. With another sergal grin, he wound it even more tightly, letting Jay resume his stiff awkward walk.

“HAPPY BOWSER DAY!” Jay said. That’s funny, why did he say that? “HAPPY BOWSER DAY!” he finally realized that he didn’t have a choice. That darn koopa turned him into a wind-up version of himself!

“Like it?” Pawpy asked, walking alongside the wind-up koopa, “That’s your punishment for not doing anything for Bowser Day! The more I wind you up the more wind-up you become! Isn’t it perfect?”

“HAPPY BOWSER DAY! HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (Darn it Pawpy) HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (I will get you for this!) HAPPY BOWSER DAY!” Jay said, walking further and further down the hall.

“Hmm… I wonder how long I want to keep him like this…” Pawpy said, as he stopped. He watched the red-shelled Koopa stiffly walk down the hall. “I think I kept him as a bean bag for several weeks… maybe however long until I get bored with him.”


Pawpy simply smiled and took a few more steps down the hall after the koopa. Strange, there was something he was forgetting. Pawpy tried to remember what it was. It certainly wasn’t eating - he was just about to do that after he wound up the koopa rather tightly and sent him chasing a Flinty wishing “Happy Bowser Day”. It wasn’t to become a Fory again, he was going to do that the next day.


He soon heard a series of clanks and banging. Pawpy awkwardly ran to the end of the hallway, looking down the stairway to see Jay on his side, still trying to walk forward with his awkward movement.

“HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (Pawpy! I will tot-) HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (-steal your identity and do terri-) HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (-ble things to it! I know there’s Poi-) HAPPY BOWSER DAY! (Poison joke!)”

“Hm… note to self, wind-up Koopas don’t handle stairs well…” Pawpy said out loud, “Oh why am I speaking to myself out loud again? I know! I was going to meet Fory for lunch!”


Why you should really make sure to celebrate Bowser Day.


3 August 2014 at 23:40:59 MDT

So it seems that silverfox61 has been enforcing the little rule that koopas have: You must celebrate Bowser Day.

And if you don't? Then you must be punished. And the punishment can be anything. Looks like I'll have to be wind-up for awhile now.

I've been getting into clockworks more and more. It's an interesting thing for sure. :) Then again not like I can complain.