Silver Wolf by Aggro Bager by Digitalpotato

Silver Wolf by Aggro Bager


31 January 2014 at 13:16:16 MST

Art by Aggro_Badger done in 2011.

Here we have ourselves an unusual situation. After being turned into a werewolf and then cursed, he found himself suddenly feeling a little odd within the moonlight. But it wasn't the fact that he was suddenly turning into a wolf.

It was more the fact that he wasn't growing much fur. It seemed almost too shiny and sleek. Not the just-grown or just-washed fur that normally accompanied werewolf transformations. He noticed that his joints were locking into place. Before feeling himself go entirely rigid, he realized just what it was... argentization. And it was even contagious, as his magical pants were even turned to solid silver, now fused to his metallic body. All he could do now is wait for the moon to leave, and maybe he could restore himself back to normal... hopefully somewhere safe, not in somebody's lawn or in a museum.

Seems to happen when you try and use silver to prevent yourself from transforming.

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    Gotta hate those magical safeguards in curses. One could only imagine what would happen if he used wolves-bane.

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      Probably would have been minor compared to removing the silver allergy - like a permanent wolf transformation.

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    Goldie approves.

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      Ah, there you are. ;) I was thinking of you when I posted this.