Hypno Bear week story - Beartic TF by Digitalpotato

“I hate winter.” Jason said to himself.

It didn’t help that he had slipped on the ground so many times because of the ice. It didn’t matter that he had anti-slip boots on... so much snow started to collect it formed a thick pad and made him slip. He fell right down on the ground with a small bang... great, now his pants will be wet.

He spotted an unusual yet familiar hand reaching out to him. He looked over the scaly hand, recognizing the white colouration. His eyes came up to the person reaching out to him. It was someone he knew very well... TeraDyne, his prism dragon friend, bent over with a hand out.

“What, I’m not going to bite you.” Shi said to him.

Thankfully for Jason, prism dragons didn’t show anything offensive, since they didn’t exactly wear clothing. Unless they wanted to please their friends, that is. Shi held her hand out again, wanting him to grab onto it, which he did.

As soon as he grabbed onto the dragon’s hand, shi immediately pulled him up to his feet. Strange, he didn’t notice how... unusual hir eyes were. They looked somewhat like a CD; they seemed to change colours. Maybe that was just part of being a prism dragon.

“That was quite a fall,” Shi said, “And I heard what you said about winter. Why’s that such a problem?”

He kept looking into hir eyes for some reason, as if they grabbed for his attention. What he didn't seem to notice was that his eyes were strangely starting to dilate. This caused the prism dragon to smile, seeing the response shi was getting out of him.

“Cause it’s so icy, and I hate the cold... I keep slipping.”

Tera smiled again, bringing him closer. The fact that his pupils were growing larger showed that shi was already starting to be successful. And he had told hir that he probably couldn’t be hypnotized after not having anything happen with those hypnotism files he tried to listen to. If only he could have seen his eyes. Shi smiled, lowering hir voice.

“So? I can always help you with that,” Tera said. As shi spoke, his pupils started to shrink. First they went normal, but then they started to get smaller.

“How... can you?” He asked, as he started to slip into a trance.

“Easily.. very very easily.” shi continued, voice remaining low. “You’re not exactly made for the snow, aren’t you?”

“No,” he said. Jason’s pupils continued to get smaller. Tera smiled to herself, bringing him closer still, to the point where hir muzzle was practically pressing his nose. He didn’t even mind about hir warm breath on his face. He was close, but not quite there yet.

“Well, that’s how I can help.” Shi said, gently stroking his face, “When I’m done with you, you won’t even know why. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” He said. His pupils had completely vanished, leaving only a green looking disc in place. The prism dragon smiled once more. He was surprisingly easy to work into hir control.

“Now why else do you hate cold weather and snow?” Tera asked. “You can tell me everything, hon.”

Of course, he couldn’t exactly resist. The prism dragon didn’t even need to maintain eye contact with him now - he was completely under hir control.

“Because,” He said, “It’s cold, it’s icy, I get it all over my face and it feels uncomfortable. I slip and slide on the ice; and when I try to warm up? I start sweating inside my coat, so I am subsequently freezing and hot.”

“Really.” Tera said, bringing hir head back, scaling over his body. Shi thought he wouldn’t even move if shi didn’t command him to. “You don’t need to be wearing a coat. You should be just fine without anything unless you want to look good. Just like us Prism Dragons.”

He didn’t even question the dragon like he normally would have. He just stood there and listened to her voice.

“I’m a little surprised you’re wearing that heavy coat.” Tera said, still looking over the almost motionless human. “You’ve got one built into you already. You’ve got that thick white fur. Perhaps that’s why you get so hot, don’t you think?”

“I think so too.” Jason responded.

Tera gently patted his furry face. “Take that heavy coat off,” She said, “You don’t need it.”

Jason simply reached up and unzipped his coat, dropping it to the ground. The furry human didn’t even seem to mind about how he was wearing only a snot-green thermal with white stripes running parallel to each other. An amused grin spread across the prism dragon’s face, thinking of something to say.

“You actually don’t need those either.” Tera said, “See, you have enough blubber and fat around this time of year that you don’t need to be wearing a shirt the colour of Nickelodeon Slime.”

Shi smirked as Jason seemed to bulk up just a tad, shirt and arms distending the thermal a bit, already starting to feel rather taut. His stomach was even starting to poke out from under the shirt. Tera now noticed his pants seemed to be rather low. Shi had told him that if his pants were too big, he needed a belt. That gave hir an idea.

“Why didn’t you wear a belt?” Shi asked him.

“Because it’s uncomfortable,” He responded.

“And your pants are too big.” Tera said. “That’s a little... excessive, isn’t it? You’re 260 centimeters tall. Just remove them. It’ll be a little easier, before you rip them somehow.”

Jason immediately slid his pants down, not even having to unzip them. They really were far too big for him.

“All of them,” Tera said. “You’ll destroy your clothes. Isn’t that small shirt uncomfortable? And you don’t need to be wearing shoes anyways... nor your useless socks. ”

Thankfully for Jason, he removed his shirt just in time as he started to get bigger and bigger, wider and wider. His feet and legs bulked up as well, feet widening into snowshoes that were perfect for swimming or walking around in snow. They still looked human, but that would change later. Tera used to stand just a little over Jason, but now, he towered over her. He must have gained about two feet in height.

Tera had to smirk a little. He even removed his underwear - purple ‘athletic’ boxers - the sight of which made hir wonder why they bothered to make underwear in such a colour. Shi didn’t mind his nudity at all...since after all, he was clothed in fur. Of course, he still looked to be a furry human built somewhat like a polar bear, rather than an actual Beartic.

“Your claws look a little short.” Tera said to the changed human. “Wanna sit down on that snowdrift right there and let me have a look?”

He plopped right on down to the snow drift, sending a few clouds out. Tera made sure to give his eyes another look to make sure he was still in a trance. Still pupil-less green discs. Shi smiled, making a mental note of how easy he was to hypnotize for the future. He had his still-human-looking feet pointed up at her. Shi had another thought.

“By the way, you didn’t sit on your tail did you?”

“No.” Jason responded, shifting a little bit. He didn’t sit on his little stub, thankfully.

“Good. Hmm... so your paw pads.” Tera said, rubbing her finger along the sole of his feet. He instinctively curled his toes a little.

“Sildra should approve of these, so should Con.” Tera said, “Hm... I think you can grow your claws a little. Not to the level where they start breaking off or hurting anything, but more than just small black tips.”

“Sure thing.” Jason said. Tera tickled his paw pad a little, sending a shiver up his body.

Tera placed his foot back down and knelt a little, leaning close to the Beartic’s torso. She gently stroked his thick chestfur, as well as rubbed his taut ursine stomach. He didn’t object one bit. After all, in this state, he wouldn’t do anything unless Tera told him to.

“Let me look at your hands.” Tera said.

Jason held one of his hands out to Tera. Shi took his thick mitt in hir own and looked over it.

“You know, Marjask does love your paw pads too.” Tera said, gently stroking the black paw pad that had appeared at his hand. “You even keep your hand claws a good length.”

“Yes, Marjask does love paws, only handpaws though.” Jason responded.

Tera gently stroked a claw, before placing the human’s hand back down. Now there were only a few things left to change on the human. She went to start with his face, letting it be the harbinger of his final changes.

“So,” shi said, “You’re Asexual, correct.”

“Yes,” Jason said.

“That doesn’t mean you wouldn’t enjoy good hugs or kisses. After all I know how much you like to bury your face in fluff. And there’s a lot of you to be hugged. So give me one of your ursine kisses.”

Tera leaned hir own muzzle closer to the human’s face. Shi knew how long an ursine muzzle was. He didn’t even need to lean forward, just letting his nose and mouth stretch forward to the point where hir draconic muzzle touched his black nose, and his black lips. The two shared this embrace for several minutes before Tera pulled back.

“You’re quite good at this.” Shi said, reaching up to stroke his head, where a human’s hair would be. It looked black...and hideously out of place. “I like your fluffy headfur. It fits with your ears quite well.”

Shi kept rubbing the Beartic’s head until his head-fur turned completely white, and she felt a pair of rounded ears poking out of the top of his head. Shi smirked again, relaxing in the snowdrift next to the Beartic.

“So, Jason, what are you?” Shi asked.

“Human,” He said.

“No, that’s not exactly true.” Tera said, “After all... humans aren’t covered in fur, nore do they happen to be ice type. You’re more of a Pokémon I’d say... a Beartic. Remember when you evolved?”

He nodded, remembering how cute he was as a little Cubchoo. Then how huggable he still was after becoming a Beartic.

“Also, I happen to like your little ‘beard’ of ice.” Tera said, “Nice how you can take it off if you want to and replace it.”

The ice type didn’t say anything, simply reaching up to stroke the little ice beard around his muzzle. It was nothing, just hardened snow.

“Exactly how do you put it on, remind me,” Shi said. It was also a test to see exactly how much of a Beartic shi had turned him into now.

“Frost breath,” he responded. Tera smiled once more, patting him.

“Good boy.” Shi said, “Now open your mouth.”

He opened his mouth. It seemed like shi didn’t even have to tell him about his teeth for them to become ursine and appropriately configured to be omnivorous. Shi smiled again and poked some of his fangs. They were encased in ice from his frost breath. The dragon even put hir hand in front of hir mouth to make sure he was breathing ice now. Just like a proper beartic.

“Close your mouth.” Shi took her hand away just in time so shi wouldn’t get Ice Fanged. “You should practice some of your other moves too... I know the others would looove to have fun with you now. Oh, one more thing...” Shi said, climbing back onto his stomach, looking right at his eyes.

He still stared blankly at her, completely under hir control still.

“You can wake up now.” Shi said.

Jason’s irises suddenly turned a deep brown, as his pupils started to appear. They even dilated a tad, before adjusting to the light. He blinked a few more times, noticing Tera right in front of him...and he was lying on a huge snowdrift.

“What the-?” Jason asked, “Uhm...Tera what’re you doing here?”

“Oh, I just found you sleeping and thought you needed to be woken up,” Tera said, poking his nose. “So, shall we head to the hideaway? I wanted you to try out our new Ice room. Just the right amount of snow for you.”

The beartic smiled.

“Of course, lead the way.” He said.

Hypno Bear week story - Beartic TF


23 February 2013 at 17:52:48 MST

For TeraDyne, as well as the "Hypno Bear" week on FA. So I know that shi would have loooved to hypnotize me into a Pokémon. Especially since shi knows how much I love polar bears.

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