Trans Day of Visibility 2019! by DI-FL

Trans Day of Visibility 2019!


2 April 2019 at 18:41:35 MDT

Late as I ever was.

For the first time ever, I present: All of us. Because it's a day of visibility (or rather, was), we think it'd be best that we also come out about ourselves and our mental situation. We have a few personalities, 3 to be exact who front sometimes alone and sometimes together. And together we form into a fourth personality.

From Left to right:
Moose, She/Her and They/Them. A caribou called moose that can bugle like an elk. She is all of us combined.
Nan, She/Her. The one that usually fronts. Also goes by DIVINITY.
Jake, They/Them. Sometimes She/her. The host of this whole dig dang ordeal. xP
Turnip, She/Her. Also known as PAIN.
Oh yeah, and ---Q---, who is just our mascot.

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