Ultraviolet's Azriel: A Moment's Reflection by Dharken

Ultraviolet's Azriel: A Moment's Reflection


26 July 2013 at 08:31:42 MDT

The artist Ultraviolet's holy dragon, Azriel, pauses a moment as divine attention is turned his way for an instant. Could he be reflecting on the events that brought him to his present state, perhaps silently cursing them as well?

I did this as a bit of gift art for Ultraviolet based on a spur of the moment inspiration for her outcast angelic character, Azriel. I'll freely admit to loving his dragon form and I'll also admit that I surprised and pleased myself with thinking of an idea for him that dealt with the character's more tragic side than something a bit more erotic in nature. I did this one more as a color sketch to see if I could improve my speed as I'm rather slow when using colored pencils so it's a bit less detailed and a more loose coloring style than my usual colored penicl work.

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    I've tried my hand at doing colored pencil work on black paper instead of white, but never really got the hang of it at all. The way you can create these beauties on colored paper is really impressive to me. It lends itself extremely well to the way you set this one up too, with the singular light source (not counting the flame, of course).

    I know I mentioned it to you last night, but this was the first colored piece of yours I saw, as it was displayed on your FA page when I first found you. A classic, to be sure!

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    This is beautiful, and one I don't think I've seen before. I love you coloured stuff. :) Really nicely done!