Tori: All this and brains too by Dharken

Tori: All this and brains too


3 January 2017 at 05:51:57 MST

While she has a stunning body, not many know that Tori is quite brilliant. Possessed of a high-IQ and the energy and drive to take on multiple projects at once, she's earned a number of degrees that would land her lucrative careers in many fields - anything from being a certified mechanic able to work on high performance engines to physicist. Consultation fees with others dedicated to various fields insure she has the money to study whatever else she wants and enables her to pursue options such as her own band when she feels musically inclined.

All of this comes with a price though. She drives herself to succeed sometimes pushing her body to the limit, is prone to severe crippling depressions and nightmares that keep her from sleeping when she needs it the most. She does her best to hide this from the world behind a facade of complete confidence but those closest to her, particularly her boyfriend Obisidian and her brother Todd and sister Toni, know the reality.

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