Foxtales: Besting the Master by Dharken

Foxtales: Besting the Master


15 December 2016 at 04:55:07 MST

Just a few months after double majoring in combat magic and hand weapons training after much encouragement by her teammates, Kymberlyn 'Kym' Fancy gets the better of her team's student leader, her own tutor, and First Student of the hand weapons program and all of the other majors as well, Reynard Foxtale. She's congratulated in her supreme effort by her team's faculty advisor, Fierra Nekrosi (far right), field medical student Ian Keller (the bull), advanced hand combat and master theif student Quillor Orias (the gryphon) and Jennifer Fancy, librarian and foster mother of sorts to Kym. Reynard and his twin brother Fulvan Foxtale (center) will add their own congratulations as soon as they are less intimidated by sharp objects in close proximity.

This is a pivotal scene in a storyline idea I had in the long ago times before the internet was a thing. I keep hoping to get back to these characters and tell their stories as students at a multi-dimensional academy for adventurers and ne'er-do-wells of various types and technological developments. Just now looking at this scene I left out a couple of the Foxtales' team. Perhaps they're attending essential classes they weren't able to get out of for the big moment.