Wylder West: Yet Another Scheme in the Works by Dharken

Wylder West: Yet Another Scheme in the Works


12 December 2016 at 08:34:42 MST

In the century before The Hood and his contemporaries battle against (or for) evil, their ancestors struggled for the control of the town of Wylder. Power hungry Baron Duke (far right) would hire the likes of the insane scientific genius, Moredcai Scratch, to face off against Katie Wylder, the mayor, sheriff, and owner/proprietor of the Wylder Hotel/Saloon/entertainment club with his menagerie of genetically-modified creations such as the lumbering but powerful King Gila, dragon-snakes Fafnir, Cleopatra, Jerboa & George, and the monsterous Roc. Young William Duke vainly tries to reason with his father, not realizing that Scratch isn't craziest one among their gathered group.

Part of a pre-internet series of storylines I came up with during a time that feels like a whole other lifetime.