Tauntaun Crew by Dharken

Tauntaun Crew


12 December 2016 at 08:25:01 MST

From left to right are Gordon, his girlfriend Yealaa M'qarren and the oldest of three sisters, their daughter Darlaa, middle sister and self-professed/confessed slut Saaba M'qarren, Gorn stepfather Grall, mother Jervaa M'qarren, cousin to the three sisters and Sith hopeful Revaal B'rtaas, youngest sister Yervaa M'qarren and her boyfriend Roger.

After looking back through my lady tauntaun sketches a while back, I noticed that several of the sketches showed different looking characters at different appearing ages. It seemed to make sense to me to take these different looks and make each their own character, giving Yervaa and Revaal more family in the process. It also means I don't have to toss out all of the ideas I sketched in developing Yervaa and get to play with different characters and different body types if I get ideas for this bunch.