[COM] Summer Shredding by DexterLion

[COM] Summer Shredding


21 December 2019 at 17:48:49 MST

It's an absolutely gorgeous day at the beach and the waves are roarin! No time for relaxing today, Dex and Oka think as they both sprint to the shoreline with their surfboards in tow, their hearts pounding with excitement from the adrenaline rushing waves they're about to shred!

Heh no I can't surf irl as much as I wish I could. Or at least want to be close enough to the shore to practice regularly. But purrhaps that's something I can look forward to trying in the future at some point. Looks like a lot of fun, and of course I'll have lots of fun and laughs with all the fails that are sure to come x3

This tropical surfing themed commission done by artist Feralise A purrfect work of art since the sizzlin' summer is here and many are taking to the beaches! Original artist post here: Original artist post here: [Surfing in the Sun]

Fancy surfin dragoncat belongs to Deltaops Oka...well his 'sona's name is Oka but I calls him: Oklahoma, Okie Pokie, Smoklahoma, Oakland, Oakland Center, Okieland, Okie Roll, Okala-homa, Okleehomer, among many others... :P He also says he's half dragon half cat but, Imma claim him as a part of the cat kingdom x3 ...kidding ofc

Surfin sea lion Dexy belongs to me Dexterlion


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    What's up, dude? SURF'S up! ^_^

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    What's up, dude? SURF'S up, that's what! ^_^

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      Purrhaps you'll join the lion in some fun surfin :D