[COM] Beachside Snoozin by DexterLion

[COM] Beachside Snoozin


20 October 2019 at 15:08:21 MDT

With beach season in full swing and the temperatures soaring among the many many many beautiful days, you can be sure Dexy's cranking up the laziness and relaxation to the max! And what better place to do the natural lion thing than the beach? With no adventures planned on this sunny summers day, Dex made his way to the softly roaring shores and flopped himself on a nice comfy hammock. Soon to drift off under the beach's hypnotizing spell, combined with some of his relaxing tunes flowing directly into his fluffy ears.

If an adventure does call tho, it'll be a tough decision for him. Whether to answer its call or continue lazing the day away. There's no telling what he'll do from day to day.

Wonderful beach themed commission done by artist Theowlette

Relaxin fluffhead belongs to me Dexterlion


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    watches a huge wave drench the lounging lion! giggles