Nature's Cradle, Crystal Rain by DexterLion

Nature's Cradle, Crystal Rain


3 August 2019 at 12:22:05 MDT

[Link to a story I wrote to go along with this wonderful piece]

Phenomenal illustration done by artist lunalei Original artist post here: [Nature's Cradle]

I'm immensely impressed with how great this came out, along with its atmosphere. The beaming sun rays shining on Dexter inspiring a sense of comfort and warmth, combining with the peaceful vibe of the forest that embraces a lion’s strained heart. Like giving a place to rest and feel at ease for a while, letting the mind sail through the tree tops effortlessly, taking a break from the occasional struggles. Also, can’t forget about the delicate bird. Readers can get a good sense of the massive size difference, which helps show the softer side of our adventurous lion, as he wants all to feel safe in his presence.

Dexter belongs to me DexterLion Accompanying writing too