[COM] Relaxing Afternoon of Fishing by DexterLion

[COM] Relaxing Afternoon of Fishing


7 June 2019 at 15:23:09 MDT

No adventuring today for Dexter, but some nice fishing can be just as good if not even better. Especially when it’s with an awesome friend on a beautiful, peaceful, and relaxing afternoon.

I like the way you're thinking Dexy. Using your tail fur as a second means to catch fishies! Although if he’s having a bit of trouble, he could always hop overboard and use a sure-fire way to get at em. No one’s safe >=3!

Marvelous commission done by artist Silvyr Did such a wonderful job with both our characters, really giving off that good times vibe. As well as the peaceful autumn lake setting...of course can’t forget about that excellent lighting! Original artist post here: [Fishing Trip]

Awesome birb and expert fisher Seif Blue Jays be my favorite bird!

Noobie fisher Dexter belongs to me DexterLion