Dessy's Daycare Days by Dessy

Dessy's Daycare Days


15 September 2018 at 22:21:59 MDT

I like to imagine Dessy's eating habits were not something that only developed once they were grown up. Tykes need to eat lots, after all, in order to grow and develop properly!

It almost goes without saying that during Dessy's younger years, Dessy's tummy was filled with peers as frequently as it is now--but that insatiable gut was surely also visited by (more than) Dessy's fair share of family members, babysitters, caretakers, etc.

myoti drew this really cute vore sequence for me a long time ago! And I'm finally posting it!

It's a pretty unique piece among my commissioned work, since it contains cameos by a number of fuzzy friends of mine, other than just fuegodelalma (the owner of the red panda/flareon hybrid), whom i was dating at the time of this commission and commissioned a number of pieces with. Many of you may already know that I don't USUALLY get art with many other people. Maybe I'm getting a little more lax about getting art with friends over time. Idunno! ^//^' Again, this picture is already from a long time ago, after all.

The caretaker/daycare cow was created for this piece by Myoti, but the other characters besides Alma's are owned by the following people in order of appearance:

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