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Snuggles Alma Will Regret Due to his Grass Allergy by Dessy

Snuggles Alma Will Regret Due to his Grass Allergy


Despite being a Fire type, Alma has a 4x Weakness to Grass. He is allergic to like all kinds of grass as far as I know.

Regardless of the probable consequences of grassy cuddles for that ball of fluff fuegodelalma, these sweet cuddles sure made for a cute picture!

Naturally, this adorable sight could not have been brought to you without the artist, who is ever amazing and truly adorable kipaki

I remain far behind on my posting schedule, so everything I post will still be over a year old for a while yet. This is the oldest on the To-Post list, though.

P.S. I am using PostyBirb for the first time on this post here. I am kind of nervous about it, but I wanted to try it out, and I am going all-out with this as a trial of posting to like every account I have using this one form. FA will still be where I am most active and check for notifications and such, though, even if I start using this regularly.

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