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They said it was a simple job. All Psi had to do was confess to stealing some eggs and milk, serve a few weeks jail time, and get out with a fat sack of gold coins for young retirement. No questions asked.

Psi really wished he had asked a question or two. Now, sitting in the king's dungeon half naked, the ferret only seemed to have a young execution to look forward to. The cloaked men that had hired him to be a scapegoat had failed to mention he was confessing to stealing DRAGON eggs and milk.

About the only thing rarer in the kingdom than a dragon with mammaries was a dragon willing to share. Considering the legends about their magical properties, it was easy to assume a pint of dragon milk was worth more than a nobody beastman's life. Without so much as a clear description of his would be bosses, Psi had very little room to barter.

When the lock to his cell door gave a loud clunk, it was like being struck with a sledgehammer of dread. The thick wooden portal groaned as two armored humans pushed it open. They were followed by a more elderly man with a receding white hairline.

Psi gave him a worried look, getting a superior smirk in return. However, the man said nothing while his escort took positions on either side of the ferret. They left him to sit on the moldy stone floor, attention focused back to the doorway. Once everyone was still, Psi's ears perked at being able to pick up a light tapping approaching his prison. Suddenly a shadow blocked out all torchlight from outside before...

"Goddess help me," Psi whimpers as he tried to scoot his starving butt back. He did not get far before his fluffy tail was pinched between a stone wall and his glutes.

The old man threw him a sideways grin but did nothing to stop the pathetic retreat.

For the blue dragon that had stuck her head inside the cell, however, such a panicked reaction to her presence went unnoticed. She was a large and intimidating beast finding it incredibly difficult just to enter the cell. It took some leaning forward in a deep squat just to get her head through, to say nothing of the difficulties of her enormous breasts and hips. Garments of beautiful silk woven by the kings best could not hide such a thick figure. She was curvier than three of the biggest tavern wenches Psi knew combined.

Being over twice the size of anyone else in the room also seemed to be working against the lady dragon. She was slowly easing her way in only to recoil at the slightest contact her ample mass made with the stone doorway. Each nudge was met with a sharp, offended, hiss. A scaled hand possessing well-manicured claws would swat avidly at any dirt collected on the infected area.

It would have almost been funny if Psi did not know precisely why this dragon had come to his cell instead of a palace noble. He dared not move or speak watching the dragon continued to push her way inside. Eventually, her hips squeezed through, at the expense of having to watch her try spit washing grime from her puffed skirt.

"Ahem!" The old man gave one sharp cough. While that did earn him a glare that might have signaled instant death, he merely nudged his head towards Psi.

"Oh!" The dragon straightened up into a dignified posture. Having curves thicker than the walls allowed her to cast a pretty intimidating shadow. "Hello, vermin! You may call me Matilda. This old coot is the king's court wizard. Any particular reason you forced me to wade through filth in my spring gown?"

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Patreon Preview: Do the Time


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Psi asked to be TF and TG'd into a breeder dragon. I could hardly say no to that! Took a few drafts but I'm rather pleased with this one.

Full story contains: Punishment, dragon transformation, gender bending, herms, yiff, and oviposition.

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