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I'll Rust With You by Deriaz

I'll Rust With You


I should have learned how to skateboard when I was younger.

(One of a few things that were supposed to be fashion/cloth studies, and I just took this one to completion for fun. I like the idea of a windbreaker-wearing Deriaz, though, after working on this for so long.)

Reminiscing in retrograde will fuel our pointless escapade.

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    I love the grayscaling on this...very amazing!!!

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      I'm still flimsy with color, I feel. I may scale myself back for a little bit, try and perfect my grayscale while doing more color theory research. But still unsure. Black/white is relaxing to do for me, though!

      Thank you~

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        You're most welcome!

        Keep up the awesome practice! grin

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    It looks really well done!

    If I were to give critique, I'd just comment that the angle of the head perhaps makes it look a bit flat, but I'm not an artist so... take that with a pinch of talk.

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      Salt unneeded -- I struggled with the head. I may love iguanas, but I still find the shape of their head at certain angles hard to draw. And this was one of them. It's better than my previous attempts and I settled on something that I thought was visually appealing (to me at least?), but like you pointed it, it can leave a bit to be desired. Like a solid feeling of depth. I want to say it's something about the thick eyebrows that's disrupting it, but I couldn't say for certain. More practice is required.

      Thank you. <3

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    This is really cool! You nailed the sense of momentum and motion.

    By the way, have you ever thought about doing monochrome studies? Not black-and-white, but different shades of one color? It's very slightly different from grayscale painting since color saturation adds a third dimension to which hues you choose, but it could be a handy way to ease yourself back into full-color painting.

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      I dunno if I'd be easing myself back into it, as I never felt I had a grasp on it anyway! I've seen those "monochrome palette" things floating around on Tumblr -- is that sort of what you're talking about? Or a more strict, "I will only use Orange/Blue/Green/Whatever in this painting" kind of thing? I've considered those once or twice, but then I worry that maybe people wouldn't enjoy seeing those. (Same thing with just normal sketch-work, pencil or otherwise -- I'm still trying to figure out how to approach sketch-work, as I want to be more active here and on a variety of other sites, rather than just a larger effort thing every so often.)

      Thank you~

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        It's kind of both, though the palette-picker Tumblr meme is pretty great since it means you don't have to think about the colors, you just grab them and go.

        Sketching is pretty different from doing finished artworks. It's a different skill set, and like any skill you have to refine it with practice. You could try doing timed still life paintings, or go to Posemaniacs and do their minute drills. The key is to be okay with being loose and messy; I think that there's a huge pressure on artists, especially furry artists, to always produce super clean and smooth artwork, and it can take some time to learn another way to make art! It's worth it though.

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          Ah, I don't use Posemaniacs too much anymore. I find the poses too stiff, but they're great for an anatomy resource when I need to know how a muscle bends! I'm cool with being loose and messy though -- it's mostly just that I'm not sure how much my audience appreciates sketches. Then again, I made that comment and went to bed, and thought hard that maybe that's not a big deal, because it's my gallery and if I like a sketch, then I should share it?

          I definitely agree on the pressure bit, though. I worry about that all the time, and sometimes struggle to upload something because of it, or maybe hover on a certain detail of a piece too long to make it "perfect", or what-have-you. I need to scale that back, and just roll with it.