Wait So Long by Deriaz

Wait So Long


30 May 2014 at 19:28:51 MDT

Commission once more for lauralien of her character, Naerina! Alurians are also a part of her Trinity Project world-building, so again, check her out. Thank you very much for the third commission, and once more for allowing me to work with your character design!

I would place time spent here for commission info, but I spent a lot of time off-clock doing some landscape studies to make sure I did this image the respect it deserved. And I learned a lot in the process, with thanks to seeing the awesome stuff coming out of the Virtual Plein Air group, and another great critique from stigmata that I really think helped turn this around. I have a better grasp of color and landscapes now, I think.

Critiques are always welcomed. Image credit for background. Thanks for looking~!

And your heart rolls on like a frozen freight train.
You know that I'd help you if I can.
But I'm just a rain-drop in a river.
Just a little itty-bitty grain of sand.

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    This is I bet an awesome character. I like how he blends into the background; it's just me, but an curvy path is implied by the staff between sky and earth in an awesome asymmetrical composition. all i can say

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      Ah, I almost missed this comment! My bad!

      I have a nasty habit of not really considering composition tooooo much? I thumbnailed a bit of how this one would sit when finished, but I don't really know what makes for a "good" composition. Need to read more. I tend to wind up with pleasant surprises. Or oddities that people also like. I'm also super excited you see the character as blending in with the background -- I had a bit of an inner conflict wondering if they felt like they stuck out a bit too much. It's great to have that second opinion.

      Thank you! All credit for the character goes to lauralien as well. Her world-building really is fantastic to see. Highly recommended.