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Your Day Will Come by Deriaz

Your Day Will Come


A fun little exercise that became a gift/pseudo-commission for  sion_mekos / anodyne of FA of, well, Anodyne! I had a lot of fun with this -- anatomy, rendering, fun pose, a little bit of color, and all that good stuff. Was a good time, with thanks to stigmata for giving a critique that pushed this in a MUCH better direction. Had a blast doing it.

Critiques are welcome!

And everyone else will relax and move on.
But what will you do when they come looking for you friend?
I hope that you're brave, and you're strong, through it all.

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    I'm liking the pose here -- good, classic action for that body type -- but am feeling a bit unsure on the cropping of the weapon. There's nothing wrong with the composition overall and the simple background really helps bring out the color in the shadows on the figure, but it feels slightly off because that part of the weapon is the only area breaking outside of the frame. Personally, I think it would be really interesting to see more border breaking, with the the weapon and part of the closer arm breaking into a white border space, as though coming out of a panel.

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      Ahhhh, I completely forgot about break-outs! (At least, that's what I've heard them called, when something comes out into a white space.) I tried cropping this guy a couple different ways, but never really found something better than this. But I never considered making the canvas bigger to create that effect. I used to see it a lot in forum signatures years and years ago. Can't believe I forgot about it!

      So, note to self: Cropping can go outwards, not just inwards. I'll keep it in mind for the future!

      Thank you!! <3

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    I've been staring at this for a good 5 minutes+ and can't think of anything clever to say. The foreshortening looks really nice. I'm guessing it's a character design thing, but it throws me off a little how the face doesn't have the same level of skin-tightness to it like the rest of the body. It's good balance, but my eye keeps getting drawn back to it.

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      Ahhh, I didn't even consider the face! Mr. stigmata gave me the thought of making the appearance of the shell have a skin-tight feel to it, but I completely spaced on putting that in the face as well! Ahh!

      Gah, I feel like that should have been a tiny bit more obvious to me, but it is what it is, and I know for next time. Thank you!

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        Good to know my comment was helpful, I'm glad!