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Synas by Deriaz



Synas, a Leonin Druid of the Circle of Stars (at least, in spirit), that I'm playing in Draeneth's campaign he's running with some other friends. c: I'm still figuring out some of his personality and such, but this quiet, somewhat awkward, older dude has traveled a long ways from home across Faerun, helping various communities and caravans as needed. With seemingly no destination in mind, using only a weathered star map and a set of cards to guide him, he's managed to find himself in Neverwinter, working for a Dwarf named Gundren Rockseeker alongside some other adventurers and mercenaries seeking work.

Partially inspired by Runar from FFXIV: Shadowbringers, partially a challenge to myself on playing a Druid without going too much into Wild Shape (a mechanic that has never felt like it really works -with- the class despite all the editions I've tried), and partially a challenge on painting another D&D character to the best of some of my abilities.

We'll be streaming it over on Draeneth's Twitch Channel in the future. (He also is just a good dude in general, and is a chill streamer who just likes to share gameplay. You should check him out, and maybe throw something at his head when he's live.) Big thanks to Draeneth as well for commissioning me and allowing me to just... Sit and paint my guy and be paid for it. ; ; brb gonna cry a little just for that immense kindness

Thanks, ya'll! Enjoy.

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