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Wrath of Zex by Deriaz

Wrath of Zex


A painting for LMP_Dragon of Twitter! Despite the regal attire, heavens help whomever upset Zex. I can already see the crater they'll leave behind.

This one was fun! LMP doesn't have a ton of work of Zex, so some of the work here was in designing the attire. We wanted something that felt armored and clothed, but yet still showing off a very sculpted, strong physique, sort of similar to how things like Dragonball Z may approach anatomy in some of their characters. Then a bit of gold patterning to help it feels a little less like a t-shirt and lycra pants.

This guy was a treat to work on, though. Hits all the points I like: anatomy, bit of armor, fantasy, some sparkly/magical effects, cloth... lots of fun points all around this piece to figure out. I may have gotten a liiiiittle heavy-handed in saturation in some points, though, and while I think it works here, it's something I know I still struggle with, so I gotta be more careful about that for my own personal preferences or work.

Thank you again, LMP, for letting me work on your wonderful guy! Enjoy, ya'll.

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