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The Gun Show by Deriaz

The Gun Show


A character detailing for DraenethDragon of Twitter of his turian, Kalnis, in casual wear. He knows the elusive art of triple-wielding -- one heavy pistol, and two giant arms. Whomever this merc is after when he's on the job better start running now...!

TURIANS! :D After I drew my guy, Revvis, in a quick sketch, Drae asked if I could draw his guy as well. So, since we have some bills and things that have dropped in our laps due very shortly, I figured sure, why not! Finished throwing together my new price sheet to a viewable state, tossed it at him, and we decided it was time to paint a BIG turian.

I'm very happy with this anatomy. These sizes are difficult for me to conceptualize and be... happy with? I guess? I always double-guess and start re-sizing things, pulling them back towards reality, so the fact Kal here is so bulky makes me happy. Means I'm making progress. There are some bits I... Hope no one notices from too closely looking, but I am working on it, aha! All in all, though? This was an absolute joy to paint. One of my top two alien races from media, at a size that makes me sweat. I couldn't be more pleased. c:

Thank you for trusting me with Kalnis and letting me work with you, Draeneth!! And I hope everyone enjoys. c:

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