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Full Moon by Deriaz

Full Moon


17 June 2021 at 12:43:12 MDT

A painting for XKadenXx on Twitter! Oh, and no, the full moon isn't for a transformation or anything -- it just helps you see the terrifying skull more easily.

Ahhhh skull face characters. One of my many weaknesses. I went a bit nuts on this one, almost to a fault, trying to make it look at nice as possible. I think I did okay on the character, but my ability with foliage still leaves much to be desired, personally... And, uh, no pun intended there. Trying to still be better about lighting and colors, as well as putting more detail in the important areas while leaving less important areas less refined to let the viewer fill in the details. Definitely feels like an improvement so far but we'll see if I can keep it up.

I love this dude so much, though. Gosh he was so fun to paint. Thank you, Kaden, for being patient with me and trusting me with your fantastic guy! Much love, dude. :love: And to everyone else, I hope you enjoy. c:

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