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Spoils of War by Deriaz

Spoils of War


A painting for Soulhunter-Amras of FA! When the battle is won, the spoils are yours to claim... But does that apply to their souls as well? We just don't know.

Painter 2020 is fantastic. It's not great for sketching, at least how I sketch, so I added a bit of Clip Studio in. But MAN is Painter satisfying to paint in. And I forgot when I got it from Humble, it came with some free brush packs, one of which was -perfect- for soul and wispy effects. Definitely felt a jump in quality, I think, at the end of this piece. One thing I want to work on in 2020 is having less intense value changes -- gotta reign things in a bit!

Thank you guys for sticking with me through this year. I know the latter half has been a bit rough for me at times, which I need to work on in some aspects. Here's to 2020 being better for us all. Enjoy the evening, everyone!

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