Light in the Darkness by Deriaz

Light in the Darkness


11 September 2018 at 11:00:52 MDT

A grayscale for Draganta. The Darkness will consume all if you let it. Life throws constant aggression and turmoil at you. It surrounds you in it's tendrils, talons, and teeth. Be the Light in the Darkness. Fight it. For yourself, and others.

Credit to Draganta for the description and title, I'm just borrowing it a bit. c: This was an absolute treat to get to draw Draganta and Centuri. I think it also takes the prize for "favorite grayscale I've done so far". Getting those extra hours to really dig into it was so enjoyable, I'm really, really happy with where it wound up.

Thank you so much, Draganta, for letting me work with your fantastic characters!!

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Critiques welcomed as always!


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    This is a really epic grayscale piece! I think it may be my favorite, too! :)

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    Very cool!